We arrived in Florence, Peterola Aeroporto at 11:00 am. Easily hopped the city tram after purchasing our ticket rail side. The tram took us right to Centrale Stazione Maria Novello, and provided us views of the outskirts of the touristy old center. Honestly, just as charming. Our AirBnB was right around the corner, one block, from here. After a long travel day, it was nice to unpack, refresh and regroup for our afternoon sightseeing. 

We headed over to the Mercato Centrale for some eats and gelato. Glorious gelato. It was the last day of the Gelato Festival in Florence, this was our excuse for having it more than one time. We spent the afternoon wandering around to get our bearings. On our way back to the AirBnB, we made a quick stop at the local grocery, Carrefour for some morning provisions and water. 

Note to the Americans reading this… this is Europe. Bring your own bag to carry things home and weigh out your fruits and veg on the scales provided. You will need to adhere the scale ticket too. 

*Don’t forget the prosciutto. You will never have it this good or this cheap again.*

Our Airbnb was down the road from the Basillica Santa Maria Novella and it’s associated piazza. The square is flanked by two large obelisks that are supported by the backs of tortoises.  The Basilica is faced with green and white marble and is Florence’s primary Dominican church. The interior is reverent, dark and invites the visitor to reflect and light a candle. The history of this church in lengthy and the art inside should be visited at night and during the day.                               

The square has a few lovely restaurants and a fantastic little cafe,L’Angelo Del Gelato. I am not sure how it ranks with locals, for these Americans- it was fine and the location couldn’t be beat. This became our gelato location most evenings. Walking there after dinner was a good excuse to round out the step count to an even 20k most days. Night one in Florence did not disappoint.




















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