Half Century

May. The month and year I turn 50.

Just returned Fromm Seattle. Spent time with a guy I used to pal around with. Stayed in Northbend, WA in an RV. Right out of the gate it was a good trip, travelling first to see where Jimi Hendrix is laid to rest. 

80’s. Sunny. Yes, we were in Seattle. See the sun in the picture below? Proof.

I was shocked by the weather and also by the real stratification of wealth. The rich aren’t just rich, that are really rich. They try to make up for it by charitable giving for parks and libraries and social programs. Ultimately, that doesn’t help someone to pay rent, but their first home,or pay their taxes. There is a large gap here.

Bah, we went for the sites not the politics. Except it is everywhere. Social justice is loud and proud in this area. 25 miles east... not so much. 

We did the Space Needle and inspected all the little things below us. That was pretty neat.and unnerving at times. This is a highlight and I think worth the $$ and time spent. Go on a Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday before 12:00. Small crowds. 

We walked around the Chihuly exhibit. WOW! Being exposed to that much color was breathtaking. This was a high point for me, but I am a glass and color freak. 

The other highlight of Seattle for me was going to KEXP for a tour of the studio. Which was fantastically provided by a volunteer. We happened to be there during the afternoon show with archery Waters. Gotta day it was kinda cool. We got to the stacks, the booth, the live performance room, production area... and then Peter Buck and Linda Pitmon, Kurt Bloch, Scott McCaughey and Corinne Tucker got up and played a set to me, my partner a few other fans and Mike McCready. He remembered his Polaroid camera

The last day we ambled around Eastern Washington. Honestly, some of the most beautiful scenery. Very much like northern Colorado and California); almost like we were headed to the Bonanza set.  We visited Rosalyn, WA. This was the filming location of Northern Exposure.  Stood outside the Brick Tavern and stared thru the window. 

So much of our trip was about seeing what we could when we wanted to see it. We went with no intention and frankly, saw and experienced a great deal, but on our terms so nothing was rushed. 


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