Ewes and kids

Today I am helping out a friend on her dairy farm. She has umpteen goats and sheep - many of which are about to burst with life. I am bringing a tag along - Gen. She works a crazy schedule in Boston and any time I can get I am grateful for. I think this will be a typical adventure for the two of us. 

The past few days have been used wisely in avoiding the inevitable. Looking for work. I decided to paint and restock my bedroom. Every house I have lived in as an adult I have saved the bedroom for last. I finally decide what / how it is to be only to move within a very short time after. My aim here is to break this habit. Really, this is my house. I am not going anywhere and I think 5 years of thinking about it is time enough to make a decision. This is obviously the Taurus in me.  Of course I needed to purchase art for this new space... Actually, I wasn't planning on it until I saw a piece that completely carried all the colors and vibe I was trying to convey. It is ours and will be hanging dead center as part of our view. 

Three days of sniffing paint fumes and bending and stretching in unnatural poses has done a number on me. I have a pounder of headache today with no chance of escaping to the couch. I kick myself for trying to be busy every minute of every day. The guilt after a slow day is almost unbearable and could potentially push me into a backwards slide I worry that I might not emerge from. So, I march on. Just not to the gym or to the grocery store to purchase and prepare my meals for the week... but to help someone else. I am building my karma bank. 

The goal to day - 'just live it.' 


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