Yeah, I am here. 
I am listening.
I am open-ish.

I am just not receiving. I need to turn my antenna. I have rotor-vision. 

Back in the early part of my life, before the invention of cable, we had UHF.  TV was based on radio waves an the reception of these waves inside your home determined the clarity and quality of your picture and sound. It was old fashioned. It worked. It was simple. It was an open signal. You were either tuned in or you weren't tuned in. 

My grandparents always had a nice TV and a nice rotary antennae. All the channels had been marked out by my grandfather, with the understanding that these were the only channels he cared about and these were the channels that we would watch. He never needed to adjust from the roof top. This was a safe way to maintain top TV performance.  

One day when I was left home alone - I found a new channel on the rotary antennae. It was below channel 4 WBZ and above channel 5 WCVB... it was the WB channel 38. I found this new channel completely by accident as I was 'tuning in' to another channel. This channel changed my game. I became a TV addict when the TV was off and the grandparents were not at home. 

'Tuning in' is exactly what I need to be doing. Tuning in to the aspects of life that I derive satisfaction from. The moments that are simpatico and seem to come organically and where I feel my best. I am not a rotary antennae and there are a lot of channels than ever before. 

I am not entirely sure I will be able to hear or 'pick up' what is directed at me; I will need to learn how to selectively tune in (for the positive folks out there) or tune out (for the realists) to earth whispers that I need in order to fin this little path forward. 

It is my belief that if Robert Frost had a rotary antennae I am not sure he would have been able to chose the road less traveled. He would have had too much information to sort thru. 


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