Most useless tool in your drawer? 

This would be the melon-baller. You only really need it maybe once a year. Maybe for watermelon offertory you have been asked to bring to the summer picnic, you know the one with all of those people that you really have no interest in getting to know. The annoying people. 

I have a co-worker who is, at best a micro manager and at worst an arrogant and insecure know it all.  Yes, I know .. I know it all too. But, I don't get involved in others work schedules and I don't announce to everyone that so and so is wrong for adding a zero to the beginning of a decimel point.  

I classify him as a tool. He is brown noser. He is untrustworthy. He is a tattle teller. And he wears horrible cologne that everyone must endure. His biggest strike is that he is a complete copy in personality to my poor ex-husband and the only difference is that my co-worker is a tea-totaller; unlike the ex who knew a good Miller Lite when he saw it. 

Today I decided that his style and my style don't mix and that his technique is as useful as that tool in my drawer that hardly gets any use - the melon baller. 

Hardly necessary to have, useful on occasion. That is him to a "T".

It really matters not which style... they are all three barely useful. 


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