Head Shot

There are nice people in the world. 
Caring folks. Thoughtful.

Today in a matter of 30 minutes I had two really awesome encounters with co-workers. 
One, I have worked briefly with, but we share an Alma mater; the other is someone I have worked with for quite sometime. 

These two small interactions are helping me remember what I have liked most about my current employer. Kinship. Family. Loyalty beyond the j-o-b. 

The first was in the stairwell as I arrived at work. Late as usual (is there such a thing when one is working dead?), I was heading up the back way. Director of Technical Services walked by, we exchanged pleasantries; he quickly turned around and said that I had been on his mind. He had seen a job posting at another company that he thought would suit my expertise. We discussed this and he thanked me again for the data I had compiled for him. We left it that a meeting would be scheduled and I would share additional with him and his minions. He even backed it up with an email. Nice guy. The likes of him are few. I wish I had had the chance to work for him when I was younger. The women that now report to him will learn a lot. I do hope they recognize this.  

The second encounter was about a free head shot by a coworker who highlights as a wedding photographer. Honestly, out of the blue. I am going to do it. She said that wrinkle and jowl reduction are part of the package. Anything to look younger, right? 

All it really takes is 1 minute of acknowledgement to change a persons day or forward outlook.
These two encounters have bolstered my paradigm shift toward acceptance just a bit more. Maybe I won't be a bus driver after all. Or maybe ... I will, but with an awesome head shot! 

Time for this one to go...


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