It has been a couple of weeks. Honestly, I needed to wrangle myself back on here. 

Christmas has gone by and the frantic preparations are over. I did my share of cooking and baking.  MCC did his share of fudge making. I made my usual 300 or so dark truffles. We were / are a chocolate household.  

Mid-December, I went to the Brattle Theater with one of my best friends (this might be a subject for a later entry) and we saw "It's a Wonderful Life."  How many times have I seen this - dozens; but, I have NEVER seen it on the big screen and this has made all the difference. I do recommend seeing it properly as it was initially presented. Quite moving - even with the millennial laughs behind us - I was moved to tears. 

Until I went to Cambridge, I was pretty much fudging my excitement about this whole holiday. That movie changed my entire outlook on Christmas this year. Fudge it til you make it .. rings true. Somewhere, an angel just got some wings. 

While I am getting ready for my eventual job loss - I am getting my nest as prepared as possible so I can fudge myself into thinking in a new pattern. The house, the work space, the partner... me. How much have I talked myself up for? Why is this all necessary? where is my ambition? How come I never accumulated the proper motivation? 

All of this is fudge. I am fudging to you right now, I am quite certain there is some sugar in this essay hat is completely unnecessary and possibly detrimental to my quest toward self enlightenment. Knowing is power. I know I do this; I know I need to do this. I know I am this.  I know this is my hurdle. 

Who is afraid of fudge?

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