Folds was yesterdays word. 

But, I didn't write yesterday. The day started off on the wrong foot. Frozen emergency brake in the C30 and then a meeting at work about redundant work load stuff. Glad I was home in front of the pellet stove. But, I didn't write. So today I write.

Why folds?  
I love origami. Simple origami. I am not a master of the art of paper folding but I do enjoy it. Most people smile when they receive a piece of skillfully folded paper - except merchants. They do not enjoy a skillfully folded hundo.  

What is fascinating is how a blank paper can be manipulated into almost any shape with very little skill. Occasionally it does take a bit of creativity to 'see' the shape.  A gum wrapper, a dollar bill, scrap paper, beautifully made rice paper, and even cardboard can be formed into some amazing complex structures. 

As individuals: 
We are not flat.  
We are rarely finished. 
We are continuously folding in on ourselves with each new experience we encounter and creating a fascinating multi faceted personUsually we have a hard time 'seeing' the result of our experiences. Often our reliance on others to interpret our own 'origami folds' sincerely and truthfully with grace is nearly impossible. They can't 'see' the full impact other than how we chose wear our expressions. 

This is exactly what I am trying to convey is that we need to look inward to see how these experiences and the resulting interpretations have shaped our inner origami. If we are wearing it on the inside - chances are pretty great that we are wearing it on the outside. Facially or thru our interactions with others. Keep your folds positive and sharp. 

Keep folding! 

Image courtesy of Mon Petit Art



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