Too many to pick from. 

The greatest gift from being laid off is the opportunity of reinvention.  I can be whoever I want to be. I don't have to wear the shame from the previous job; I can wear the most colorful parts of my personality. 

The list of choices is getting a bit long. I know that I have my plan B all set. So this is not even up for debate. I will jump to it if I haven't narrowed anything down by the time I need ot make a decision. The benefits of planning ahead. A true logician. But, damn, Plan A is outta control! 

This morning, while mulling over robo-emails I proudly exclaimed I could plan travel for people. Having only ever done this for me and mine and our travels... I am not sure I am qualified enough to do this for anyone else... but, it does have its merits as a potential money gig.

My pro and con list is getting more complicated. I will have to excel this shit to make sense of it. 

Travel agent. Bus driver. Analyst. Substitute teacher. Packer. Warehouse receiver. Entry level engineer. Administrative assistant. Responsibility, no responsibility. Work for someone else, work only for me. Half and half. 

I am allowing this yo-yo time. Hopefully I will land an awesome Buddha's Revenge. 


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