I have been re-aligned. 
Honestly, I was waiting. Hoping I would be one of the people escorted out the door. Re-alignment.  Clinical, detached, matter of fact. 

What I wasn't prepared for was the notice to the board of directors and stockholders. Which has been notified that my company has restructured in order to "unlock the hidden talent".  Ouch. I had always been considered a go-to person, a member of the A Team; if you needed the info or to get 'it' done, you contacted me. 

I have nothing to complain about. I received what I had wished for since transitioning into this newly created unfulfilling position, which I had been so excited to start 2017. I received a good severance, my incentive payout (if there is one), and a bonus for staying through 01/31 as requested. Not bad. And, the company has provided a career counselor to assist me with my transition to new employment. This last benefit would be the greatest waste of money the company has spent. It's purpose and effectiveness is under scrutiny; currently, it is regarded as a bit of a joke. 

I think what is causing me so much angst is how overlooked I feel. I was not encouraged, groomed, stroked, 'pedestal-ed'. The other women that were let go were also not encouraged, groomed, stroked or 'pedestal-ed'.  Why? What didn't we have? 

This whole exercise will be an act of contrition and inspection. My goal at the end of this is to see what drives satisfaction in the work place. 

Today, I feel obsolete. Similar to the EOL items I have managed since 2012.


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