Today I am a delicate fucking flower. I have the socks to prove it. And ... I am still lost. 

I realized that when I leave the levels of internal customer service that I have been providing will be the loss of the company. Quite obviously, what I thought was important is not important. I think this is the shaky ground that I am not sure about. There has been a seismic paradigm shift that I have not been aware of until now. Beliefs that I had grown up believing are out of style - old fashioned. The style of clothes is in but not the ideals of the people that used to wear them. 

You can buy a vintage letter jacket. It is only cool because it is vintage, not because of the effort it took to earn it. This world actually is making me sick I joke with MCC about dying. I reassure him I am joking, but there are times where I am serious. Not about committing the final act but just the effort being done. 

Maybe I am a delicate flower. 


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