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Old is beautiful.

Rainy springtime Saturday in Florence doesn't not dampen the excitement or crowds waiting in line to experience the glory of religious art in the Uffizi . The crowds were - unbelievable. Side note: we went back to Florence in December - no crowds.   Yup. That is the famous Venus Di Milo. It was difficult to find a spot to see anything without someone else's head or arm or carriage or kiddo getting in the visual path. That said, everyone , I mean everyone, was polite and laid back. Far different than the States. To even try to give a synopsis of what is here and what we saw would be ridiculous. There is so much. Even the ceilings are painted and special. You can see online what is held at the Uffizi and why it is there. Frankly, it would take more than one 4 hour visit to experience a quarter of what is on display. Overwhelming. I am going to tell you that it is a must see. You should prebuy tickets if you are going to be visiting anytime between mid-April and October. Re

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